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Removing old layers of roofs have never been an easy task. Until now, Calstar is proud to announce a new and revolutionary product for the roofing industry.

  • Shock Absorber
  • Nail Stapler Puller
  • Leverage Extension

Perfect for Hot mop, cap sheet, and comp shingles.

Serrated Spade Shovel

    • Improve Productivity
    • Reduce Fatigue and Physical Wear
    • Lift and Peel Off Shingles with Substantially less effort
    • Removes Staples and Nail without having to Stop for a Hammer
    • Eliminates the Cost of a Motor Driven Shingle Remover
    • Offers Speed, Easy of Use and Power at a Competitive Cost
  • The integrated shock absorber of the Calstar Serrated Spade Shovel dissipates kinetic energy commonly associated with using traditional tools for the stripping process.